• High purity piping systems for clean room applications. 
  • The risks that may be associated with an unsafe installation are high.Therefore, our certified project managers ensure the competent and highest quality workmanship.
  • All work is leak tested to the customer's specifications. 

In today's world people are demanding alternative options to conventional fuels and high energy prices. The demand for the use of alternative energy is now! At ProTech Resources we understand the need for clean renewable energy and we are taking aggressive steps to educate our personnel with the knowledge and Certifications required to assist in making alternative energy a realistic option.
ProTech Resources works side by side in all aspects of the project, from build-up to power-up to production, as well as maintenance and quality control. We have the experience that your company requires.

Alternative Energy
In 2004 ProTech Resources entered into the Alternative Energy Industry.
ProTech Resources has excelled in our growth and experience expectations in this quickly expanding industry.

Precision Orbital Welding
Offering a High Purity Gas or Fluid Distribution Systems to a wide variety of the Manufacturing Industry Requirements.