Fixed Quote Services

Control costs and keep projects on track.

Fixed Quote Services

Complex manufacturing, engineering and IT projects become even more challenging when they go over budget.

Pro Tech Resources offers fixed quote services that reduce risk and ensures your work stays on course without any billing surprises.

Fixed quote services are ideal for subcontractors who have very little wiggle room on their own profit margins as well as companies with strict budgetary requirements.

Over 30 years of experience

Pro Tech Resources’ fixed quote services are streamlined and straightforward:

  • Pro Tech Resources will place a bid based on job requirements, plans and goals.
  • The bid will also take into consideration the objective requirements of the project and the specific project managers, skilled tradespeople and/or technical professionals needed to execute the work.
  • The final bid will represent a fixed price for all Pro Tech staffing services.

Eliminate the surprises and the headaches of T&M pricing.

Talk to Pro Tech Resources today about our fixed quote services to keep your projects on time, on budget and completed with precision.

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